Store your winter items with All Purpose Removals

All Purpose Removals listens to your needs, especially when winter ends and you start the annual spring cleaning ritual. Their storage services will look after your winter stuff until the next time you need them. As the warmer months arrive, you find the need to make space for items that you can only put out in months after winter.

Perhaps you plan to rearrange your closet or remodel your garden. Your wardrobe may need thinning. Holiday decorations aren’t needed at the moment. Heating appliances won’t be of any use as well. By storing them at All Purpose Removals, you can forget about them and just enjoy the convenience of not having them in the way as you remodel the attic or the basement. The service is also a preventative way to avoid degradation of the state of your clothes and appliances.

A good way to determine the quality of storage service is to check how your items look when you get them back as compared to when you put them in. All Purpose Removals took into consideration all the factors that could affect items in storage and conjured up maintenance systems to protect your belongings.

The facilities are all equipped with temperature control devices. This means that the rooms don’t have to be opened for any reason, keeping the items free from environmental elements. Thus, items made of metal are kept rust-free and usable when you get them back.

Security is always monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All Purpose Removals also restricts access to storage facilities, limiting entry to just staff and administration.

Regardless of how smart insects have gotten these days, they don’t stand a chance of reaching your things. Regular pest control treatments are conducted and all possible access is inspected.

All Purpose also provides short-term or temporary storage options in case you plan on spending a certain period in a different state. There are storage options for locations in Brisbane and around Queensland. More information is available for winter storage at