Top Tips to make smooth moving in the wet weather

No one wants to move house when the weather is bad. However, the rain may come when we least expect it. Below are some top tips when moving in the wet weather to make the process less stressful

Check the weather forecast

The best way to protect your belongings from the rain is to schedule your move wisely. Check your local weather forecast to know when to expect downpours. If possible, schedule your move outside of the rainy season.

Plastic wrap your furniture

Water can severely damage your furniture. Moisture can cause cracks and swells wooden objects. Rain droplets can also cause spot stains which are hard to remove. A good way to protect your furniture is by covering them in plastic shrink wrap or an unused cloth. This will help lessen the risk of water damaging your cabinets, desks and other wooden belongings when your house removalists transport them.

Protect the floors

Heavy rain and a lot of foot traffic can cause serious damage to most type of floors. Use an old cloth or a tarp to cover the floor in both houses. Unused carpets are also ideal to capture mud and moisture. Avoid using plastic shrink wrap. This material can be slippery when wet which can cause accidents for both your family and the removalists.

Waterproof all important items

Place all of your important documents in a plastic folder to prevent them from getting wet. You can use a plastic box to store your family member’s electronic devices to ensure moisture will not reach them. If you feel they need more protection, use plastic wrap as well. It is advisable to transfer your belongings to your vehicle when there is less rain. You can use waterproof tarps as temporary cover when necessary.

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