12 Tips For Moving House Effectively

When it comes to moving house, planning is everything. Unfortunately, most of us do not move homes very often so we naturally overlook important tasks.

With this in mind, it is very useful to have a practical checklist to follow to complete these important moving tasks. Check out our QLD to NSW moving checklist or read on to find out some important moving tasks that can be easily forgotten.

  1. Book Your Removalists As Early As Possible: Quality removalists are often booked weeks, or even months, in advance. Booking the move as early as possible will ensure that your stuff will be picked up on time. Also, it will ensure that you are not rushing around stressed and trying to find someone last minute!

man with credit card in one hand and mobile phone in the other.

  1. Make Sure That Important Papers Move Too: This means your dental, medical, school, veterinarian and financial records. Also included are birth certificates, insurance policies, and similar documents. Check all safety deposit boxes, and try creating digital copies of important records so the information will be easily and instantly available.
  2. Start Packing As Early As Possible: The earlier you start, the sooner you will finish. But it’s best to start with items you rarely use first. Pack collectibles and antiques first so they will be safe and secure.

Learn 11 tips on how to pack collectibles and antiques. Then move onto items that you ‘sometimes’ use. Finally, pack away your essentials just before your removalists arrive.

man carry cardboard box whilst his friend tape another

  1. Waste Disposal: Make sure all the oil and fuel is drained from any machine that has an engine. This includes lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed trimmers, motorcycles, jet skis, and outboard motors.
  2. Get Rid Of Any Extra Food: This includes the items in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Limit grocery shopping to small amounts before the move. Consider giving away all extra food before you leave.
  3. Return Borrowed Items and Cancel Any Regular Services: Make sure that all your library books, rental DVDs, and similar items have been returned. This way you’ll avoid fines and late fees. Cancel all your subscriptions including newspapers, cleaning and garden services, internet and cable television. Remember, you will still pay for these services whether you use them or not unless they are cancelled.
  4. Update Your Address: Make sure that your insurance policies are changed to the new address. If they have the wrong address on them, you might lose your coverage.

man looking over his address details

  1. Create A Moving Day Kit: This moving day kit should include keys, prescriptions, phone chargers, extra cash, toiletries, bank cards, tools, a first aid kit, credit and debit cards and your smartphone.
  2. Cancel Utilities: Confirm that all your utility services at your old home (including phone, electricity, water, gas, and so on) are cancelled.
  3. Double-Check: Have a friend, neighbour or relative check your place after you leave to make sure the doors are locked, utilities are shut off and nothing is left behind. You have little chance to check your old home yourself after the big move, especially if you are moving interstate.
  4. Setup and Check New Utilities: Make sure the electricity, internet, pay TV, phone lines, water and gas are turned on at your new place before you leave. This way you won’t end up camping out in your new backyard if something has gone wrong.
  5. Check Your Smartphone: Make sure your smartphone will work at your new home – just order a pizza when you arrive. You might need to call for a utility connection. Proper planning can make moving far easier and much more comfortable. Lack of planning can turn a simple move into a nightmare.

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