5 Essential Steps for Smooth House Removal

Family Getting Ready to Move Houses
Family Getting Ready to Move Houses

Big families have big houses, and that means lots of things to move! Moving is stressful for anyone, but when two adults contemplate moving not only their possessions but the precious possessions of their little people, stress skyrockets. Not just for the adults who can feel overwhelmed with the number of things to pack but the little ones who might have big feelings about the move.

There are plans and strategies you can put in place to make a big move for a big family go as smoothly and calmly as possible. Building excitement for a new start rather than the dread of a large-scale upheaval. 

When it comes to house removalists, Brisbane professionals All Purpose Removals have over 40 years of industry knowledge, making this guide essential reading for families on the move!

Big Feelings and Big Removal Goals

With older kids, they understand moving house, and other than the inconvenience of a few days with no internet, they can process what’s happening. For younger kids, seeing their home being packed up can raise emotions of stress and anxiety that they don’t understand. This can affect their behaviour leading to acting out and making the process harder for everyone. 

To minimise this, get kids to help with the packing process. Most times, the spiralling behaviour comes from a place of confusion and feelings of no control over their environment, so get them involved where you can. Getting them involved with the linen closet and unemotional things like the kitchen, laundry, or loungeroom will give them feelings of control and responsibility. 

Take them to the local craft shop and let them pick out sticker sheets with themes so that they can put a “bed” sticker on the linen boxes and plate stickers on the kitchen boxes. Then they can make it a game to find their stickers at the other end. 

For Big Families, Brisbane House Removals Are An Exercise in Logistics! 

Leave the kids’ rooms to last to keep their routines and things regular for as long as possible. 

Get the kids involved in packing their rooms where it is age appropriate. Start with the unemotional things, such as clothes, and leave their favourite toys to last. Let your child assist so they know where their special items are and can be confident they will meet them at the other end. Let them pick a colour for a larger sticker for their boxes so that they know “blue” stickers on boxes are for their room (do this in conjunction with your own packing stickers system). 

When you are moving house, Brisbane removalists will also appreciate your identifying stickers for rooms. 

Packing Up the Whole House for Brisbane House Movers 

Packing the whole house when you have a plan and routine minimises stress. Here are some ideas for getting prepared.

  • Have a plan and day-to-day packing tasks so you are fully packed and ready for the removalists.
  • Colour code each room so that every family member’s room has a unique colour to help the removalists and save arguments between kids at the other end.
  • Whole house removal includes sheds, backyard toys and all those pot plants! SO MANY POT PLANTS. Please consult with your chosen Brisbane house movers about paints, chemicals, gas tanks and pot plants to ensure they are prepared. 
  • Start with the stuff you use sparingly or know you can do without until the new house.
  • Have a “designated removalist centre” where you stack boxes in each room so that removalists can pack the truck room by room to simplify unpacking.

Don’t forget to have a plan for the new house. To assist house removalists, Brisbane families should provide instructions about where to leave stickered boxes, including where outdoor items need to go. 

Let your removalist know of any quirky designs in your new house that might cause problems and ensure that any unnecessary obstacles have been removed before they arrive. 

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