6 Plumbing Appliances You Need To Uninstall Before Moving Into A New House

Loading Washing Machine for Removal
Loading Washing Machine for Removal

Why do you need to uninstall plumbing appliances before you move?

When you’re moving into a new house, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible, from packing boxes to finalising moving day details. 

Before you leave, it’s important that you safely uninstall a range of plumbing appliances, ensuring that you leave the house in good condition and take expensive fixtures with you to your new home.

So which plumbing appliances should you uninstall before the house removalists arrive, and how can you tackle this challenge? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to safely uninstall the following plumbing appliances before you move

Knowing which appliances you need to uninstall is one thing, but how do you uninstall these items safely and easily? Follow these steps to get started.

Washing machine

The first item you need to uninstall before moving into a new house is your washing machine. This is an expensive piece of equipment that can come with you to your new home. 

To uninstall a washing machine, you’ll need to turn off the water and remove any remaining water from your machine. You’ll then need to disconnect the pipes and detach hoses. This way, you’ll make the washing machine removal process quick and easy for your house removalist team. 


Next, you’ll need to uninstall your dryer, ensuring that house moving services can work quickly to get it to your new home. 

Uninstall your dryer by disconnecting any power cords and ensuring that your lint tray is clean to avoid any fire hazards. From here, your house removal professionals can take over and relocate your machine.


In some cases, you might be able to uninstall your dishwasher, if it isn’t built in, to take it to your new home.

To uninstall a dishwasher, you’ll need to disconnect the drain pipes that link the machine to your house’s plumbing. You’ll then need to unfasten mounting brackets that hold the dishwasher in place before lowering and removing the dishwasher altogether.

Water heater

Before you move, you may also need to uninstall a removable water heater from your property.

Uninstall your water heater by turning off both the gas and water supply, as well as electricity if applicable. Then disconnect the gas pipe that connects to the heater and any vents or additional pipes. Drain your water heater, and disconnect hot and cold water lines before unfixing the device and removing it. 


Freezers and refrigerators also need to be disconnected before you move into a new house. This way, fridge removalists can get straight to work. 

Disconnect your refrigerator from the electricity supply and pull it slightly away from the wall. Ensure that there is no water leaking from your fridge or freezer, and clean the equipment so that it is in the best condition to move. Remember that most refrigerators need to rest for a while before being turned on in your new home. 

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers

If you have a removable air conditioner or dehumidifier, you may also be able to uninstall these items to move. 

Start by turning off the water and electric supply, disconnecting the tubes and pipes that link your device to plumbing and electricity. Drain any water from your device, and carefully remove the device in preparation for your house removal team to help you.

Wrapping things up

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