7 Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs and Ways To Avoid Extra Charges

Removalist Carrying Moving Boxes

If you’re moving house, you might be feeling concerned about the expensive outlay ahead of you. You’re not alone. The cost of moving can be significant. 

Whether you are relocating to a new home in Brisbane or further out of town, the scale of your move can impact the price; a 2-bedroom apartment will be less expensive than the average cost of moving a 3 bedroom house. 

To ensure you are well prepared, we’ve created a list of considerations that will help keep your moving costs to a minimum. 

What are the 7 factors that affect your moving cost?

Create a detailed inventory

Prepare a thorough list of items you need to transport including their weight and size to ensure the right moving truck is used – an unexpected need to organise an additional mover or extra truck can be costly. And whilst you are at it, declutter now and sell what you don’t need.

Get multiple quotes 

Take time to shop around and obtain more than one quote – this will equip you with the key differences between services so you can ultimately select the right team to suit your budget and needs.

Consider the distance

The distance will always play a significant part in the ultimate cost to move house. Ensure you inform your Brisbane removalist of your current and new location.

Consider the time of year

Did you know that moving mid-week can be a cheaper option than over a weekend? Opting to avoid festive seasons, public holidays and other major events on the calendar can help reduce your outlay. 

Factor in additional services

Most removalists offer additional packing and unpacking services which can add to the cost of your move. For many, these add on services are a necessity. However,  the more you can do yourself, the less you will need to spend.

Don’t forget about packing materials

Source sturdy boxes (sometimes local shops and online trading platforms have free boxes available) and utilise existing blankets and towels for packing. However, don’t scrimp on packing materials for your precious breakables.

Read the fine print

As always, don’t be caught out by the terms and conditions. Ask questions, seek recommendations from friends, and read online reviews. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision. 

House moving costs vary depending on many factors. By planning ahead, doing as much prep work yourself and making sure you accurately communicate the definitive list of everything that needs to be transported, you’ll save money.

If you require help with calculating your house moving costs and aren’t sure where to start, chat to All Purpose Removals, a professional and reputable team who understand the cost of moving a house. Get in touch for a free quote.