Four tips for moving with pets

Moving house is stressful for the whole family – including your pets! They don’t understand why things are being moved around and why their home is changing. It is important that you spend a little extra time keeping them comfortable and helping them settle in when it is time to move to a new place. Below are some tips to keep them happy throughout the process.

  1. Book a check-up at the vet
    Get your pet a check-up with the vet a few weeks before the move. If you can, obtain the pet’s veterinary records and arrange for a health certificate. If you are moving a long way, ask your veterinarian if they can suggest or refer an animal clinic close to your new home. Also ask if there is anything your vet can give you to make your pet more comfortable during the move.
  2. Figure out transport in advance
    Short moves may not be as big a deal, especially with smaller pets, but deciding on how your pet will travel can save you time and your pet a lot of stress in the long run. For pets in cages, keep the cage covered and make sure there is enough room for food and water. If you are travelling by plane, contact airline carriers at least one month in advance to find out pet regulations and make reservations. If you would rather get someone else to do it, you can also contact a pet transport company to help.
  3. Keep your pet comfortable throughout the move
    If you’re travelling by car, make sure cats and dogs have enough room to accommodate water and food bowls. Try to stop every two or three hours to give you and your pet some fresh air and a toilet break. Maintain a consistent temperature within the vehicle and cover cages to keep your pet calm.
  4. Help your pet settle in
    Once you’ve arrived at your destination, your pet may feel a little flustered. It is important to choose one room they should stay in for the first day or two to feel secure as you move in furniture and belongings. Try to give your pet all of its items first. Don’t let them outdoors until they have adapted. This shouldn’t take more than a week.

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