How Local Removalists Move Washing Machines

Removalist Detaching Washing Machine
Removalist Detaching Washing Machine

Often we don’t think about how local removalists move washing machines until we need to move one ourselves. When it comes time to do so, there are a few key considerations that must be taken into account such as:

  • Washing machines are very heavy, so it is important to choose a removal company that has the right equipment to move them. 
  • Washing machines must be disconnected from the water supply and properly drained before they can be moved.
  • Washing machines must be handled with care to avoid damaging them.

This is why it is always best to hire a professional removal company to move your washing machine, rather than trying to do it yourself.

How Local Removalists Move Your Washing Machine Safely 

People often ask how local removalists move large and delicate items like washing machines without damaging them. It’s quite simple – removalists have a few tried and tested methods that they use to make sure your washing machine arrives at your new home safely.

Double-check any load in the washing machine

It is best to empty your washing machine as much as possible and give it a deep clean with warm water or a quick drum cycle before the local removalists pack them. Once the removalists arrive, the first thing they will check is if your washing machine is emptied.

Disconnect the washing machine from the electric and power supply

The next thing that the local removal company will do is to turn off the power switch and unplug your washing machine from the power outlet. They will also secure the power cord by taping them to the washing machine to avoid any hanging or loose power cables during the move.

Detach water hoses and valves

After unplugging your machine from the power outlet, the local removalists will turn off the water valves where your washing machine is connected and detach the water supply hose. 

Find or install washing machine transit bolts

Moving your washing machine may put a lot of stress on your appliance’s suspension system. To protect your appliance’s frame, the removal company will need to stabilise the washing machine’s drum to prevent it from moving excessively during the move. 

Front loaders require transit bolts or locks at the back end of the washing machine to keep the drum stable. Top loaders do not come with transit bolts, but local removalists will protect the washing machine’s frame by placing paddings such as cardboard or foam between the washing machine and the case.

Load the washing machine on a trolley

Lifting washing machines to the moving truck may not be the most ideal scenario as they can be too heavy and removalists cannot afford to break your washing machine. After your washing machine is packed and padded they will use a trolley and a ramp to load your washing machine into the truck. 

Load and secure washing machine in moving truck

Last, the local removalist will also secure the item with bungee cords or ropes to make sure it will not bump into other items that will be moved.

Why do you need to entrust your washing machine removal to a removal company?

When it comes to washing machine removal, it is always best to leave this task to a professional removal company. There are many reasons why this is the case, but the most important ones are as follows: 

  1. A removal company will have the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They will also have the right equipment to safely remove your washing machine without damaging your item in the process. 
  2. Removal companies offer insurance for items that will be included in the move such as your washing machine. If something goes wrong during the removal process you can be sure that your washing machine is covered by removal insurance.
  3. By using a removal company, you can be sure that your washing machine will be packed and unpacked properly until the move is completed.

Finding a local removalist near you

Washing machines are among the most fragile items that you need to secure before your move. While you can have the option to do it yourself, it is still best to entrust it to a local removal company that has experience in moving large and fragile items like washing machines.

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