How to Disassemble Furniture When Moving House

Moving home is a huge task – especially when you consider your bed frame, drawers and TV cabinet.

Furniture can be bulky and tough to manoeuvre, making the move a potential nightmare. But there are ways to make it easier on yourself – like disassembling larger pieces of furniture.


Disassembling your furniture before a move transforms unmoveable objects into easy-to-handle bundles.


Our team members at All Purpose Removals are experts at moving. So we’ve put together a few tips on disassembling furniture to help simplify your big move.

And just like most important projects, it starts with smart preparations.



Tips for Disassembling Furniture by Yourself

Jumping into it might sound like a time-saver, but believe us, that can lead to time-wasting problems. By taking some time beforehand to plan and prepare, you can work efficiently without losing any parts.


1. Have Plenty of Ziplock Bags

You’ll be dealing with dozens of screws, bolts, and other bits and pieces. This can quickly get confusing, unless you use Ziplock bags. With small clear bags, you can separate the pieces for different furniture so nothing gets lost or mixed up in the move.


Bonus tip: Have a permanent marker handy to name and organise each Ziplock bag.


2. Know Which Pieces of Furniture Need to be Disassembled

Depending on how you’re transporting your furniture, some pieces might be best left assembled. Items like dining chairs could be easily stacked, or you might be able to fit boxes under your dining table – removing the need to take the legs off.


Bonus tip: If time is limited, make sure you consider the disassembling time for large items and go from there.


3. Measure Large Furniture to Make Sure it will Fit in the Moving Truck

Fitting your home into a truck is a tricky task. That’s why it’s important to know the numbers – the size of the truck’s storage space and the size of your furniture. Put the numbers on paper and find out if they measure up.


Bonus tip: When planning the configuration of furniture in the truck, start with solid items that can’t be disassembled – like a bed base and mattress.


4. Gather Your Tools

When you start to disassemble furniture for your move, you won’t want to get up every few minutes to search for a new tool. So gather the tools you think you’ll need before you start. That will ensure more time spent on your project and less time driving to the department store.


Bonus tip: Screwdrivers with changeable heads take care of any screw you come across.


5. Read the Instructions for Disassembly

Knowing how to disassemble furniture can be difficult. But if you’ve kept the instructions to your furniture, following them is the easiest and most effective way to disassemble. For those who don’t have the paper instructions, most can be found online by searching with the brand name and model number.


Bonus tip: The instructions will also identify the required tools.

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6. Find Disassembling Points

Preparing your furniture for a move doesn’t mean putting them back into their flatpacks. All you need to do is disassemble them enough so they can be moved. Sometimes all this means is focusing on prime disassembling points – like where your desk top attaches to the desk legs.


Bonus tip: If you’re struggling to find instructions, an expert like All Purpose Removals will know how to properly disassemble any item of furniture.




Why should I disassemble furniture when moving?

Disassembling furniture may sound like a lot of effort, but sometimes it’s essential for a stress-free move. The benefits help considerably with the whole process. These include:

  • Minimising large shapes – making the Tetris packing game much easier.
  • Separating weight – reducing the strain on your body when moving.



What is the best way to disassemble furniture?

If you want your furniture disassembled quickly and effectively, rely on expert movers in Brisbane.

By hiring professionals, your furniture will be disassembled correctly – with no screws lost – and transported safely to your new home.

A removalist in Brisbane will take care of your household belongings, minimising the risk of damage.


Looking for a stress-free move? Get a free moving quote from All Purpose Removals today.