How to Help Removalists

Removalists are there to make the transition to your new house easier on you and your family. There are ways you can help them in order to reduce the time it takes to transfer your belongings and ensure the job is done right.

Clean out the cabinet

This is a very good time for everyone to find and discard any items they do not use anymore, particularly in their cabinets. The space in your vehicle and the removalist truck is precious. You don’t want unused objects to occupy it. It is recommended to leave trash bags in every room of the house. This will allow household members to easily discard any unused items. Having less belongings to pack will help your removalists save time and space.

Have all personal items packed before the removalists arrive

The removalists will be busy moving everything to their vehicle. Having someone pack up their belongings while they are lifting heavy furniture can slow down the process. Ensure all personal items are already packed and ready to be transported before the removalists arrive at your house.

Book removalists in advance

Ensuring your removalists will be ready for the date of your move is very important. Try to book a few weeks ahead. If you’re planning to move on a weekend or holiday, book your removalists at least a month early as getting one on these dates can be a challenge.

Provide clear instructions in moving your belongings

Your removalists will not know all the details of your furniture and where it is to go once delivered to your new home. Inform them as to items that may need extra care and provide direction as to where you would like your furniture placed as the removalist carry items into your new home.

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