How to pack your precious items for moving house

Packing up all your belongings for moving house can seem like a big job, but knowing how to pack properly can make a big difference. Packing boxes correctly can save time and money, and even save you from any broken items.


Just follow some simple rules to pack efficiently and safely.


  1. Line the bottom of each carton. You can line cartons with crushed paper or bubble wrap to create a cushioning layer of at least 5cm. Repeat this process at the top once you have filled the box.
  2. Fill all empty spaces in your packing boxes with tissue paper so none of your items move. Wrap fragile items a few times to keep them safe.
  3. Put heavy items towards the bottom of the carton and lighter ones at the top. Make sure you place like items together – don’t put something fragile with something heavy and don’t put anything together that could damage the items.
  4. Place books and documents flat in sturdy packing boxes. If they are placed on their spine, they may warp or bend. Be careful not to overfill boxes as items like books and documents can get heavy.
  5. Label boxes so you know what’s in them. If it contains fragile items, put “FRAGILE” on the outside. This will help you and the people moving your stuff.

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