Moving interstate? Use our handy checklist!

It can be so easy to miss something important on the day of your move. There are so many things you need to keep in mind when transferring to a new house and you and your family might feel stressed and anxious about the transition. Being prepared is key.

Below is a checklist of the common things you need to remember before and during the move.

Two months before the move

☐      Disassemble and pack large furniture.
☐      Decide where the furniture will be placed in the new house.
☐      Look for and book a removal company.
☐      If you have children, arrange school transfers.
☐      Arrange for your utilities to be connected to your new address on the day of the move.
☐      Sell or give away unused belongings which take up too much space in your car or moving vehicle.
☐      Update your bank account and insurance policy with your new address. You might also need to check their policies regarding transferring from QLD to NSW.
☐      Contact your local post office so your mail can be redelivered to your new address.
☐      Notify your friends, family and co-workers of your move to a new address. Notify your physician and other medical personnel, such as your dentist, of your move.

One month before the move

☐      List any of your fragile belongings which require extra care for transportation.
☐      Organise all of your important paperwork and records such as your bank statement.
☐      Check everything from the previous checklist has been done and is ready to go.

Two weeks before the move

☐       Clean the home ready for the move. Hire a professional cleaning service if necessary
☐       Make sure any rented materials such as books or DVDs are returned.
☐       Cook, prepare or throw out frozen goods.
☐       Check if your car requires an oil change or tune up.

One week before the move

☐       Pack your family’s personal belongings.
☐       Discontinue any and all delivered services, such as newspapers.
☐       Pack a “Bedroom Essentials” box:

☐  Bed linens
☐  Pillows
☐  Slippers

☐      Pack a “Bathroom Essentials” box:

☐  Towels
☐  Toiletries (such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant)
☐  Toothbrushes

☐        Pack a “Kitchen Essentials” box:

☐  Cutlery
☐  Plates
☐  Cups

One day before the move

☐        Label all your boxes according to their contents.
☐        Place all important items you will need on moving day in one bag, such as phone chargers, flashlights and basic handyman tools.

Moving day

☐        Clean your fridge. Place any frozen meat and food items in a cooler with ice to keep it from spoiling.
☐       Once the removalists have transferred all furniture into the moving vehicle, check the house for any missed items.
☐       Lock the doors and windows of your home.
☐       Check your vehicle has sufficient fuel for the move.
☐       Check to see if your utility services have been disconnected.
☐       Place the keys in a visible place where the new owners can find it or hand them over to the real estate agent.

Download the checklist in PDF form here to print out and take with you!

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