The Benefits of Using Removalist Furniture Storage Over Self-Storage

Storage Units
Storage Units

The need to store furniture arises for a variety of reasons – moving house or renovating, or relocating to a new office or business premises. Should you seek storage and removalist services or is self-storage the best option?  

Why use professional furniture removal and storage over self-storage? 

Did you know professional furniture removal and storage is offered by removalists? It’s a removalist service that not everyone is aware of – and it has many benefits. Here are the top six reasons you should consider using furniture removals & storage over self-storage.


Moving and storing furniture can be a stressful experience. Coordinating removalists and storage facilities yourself only compounds the stress. Imagine having your furniture and belongings expertly packed, put into a truck, and stored by the same company. A simple, stress-free furniture removal storage experience. With All Purpose Removals and Storage, Brisbane customers can rest easy – we provide the complete package and can even bring the boxes. 


Choosing removalists that provide packing, removal and furniture storage means that you have professionals that know how to keep your belongings safe by doing the hard work. The service includes packing items and stacking them correctly in the removal truck – a better option than a mate playing Tetris with boxes of your family heirlooms in the hired trailer. 

The storage of your belongings is also important. Professionals take great care to ensure that your possessions are stacked and packed with consideration for heavy and fragile items. 

Also, once you have a destination for your stored furniture, one phone call and you can organise delivery. It’s really that simple. So avoid a night ringing your friends and family, begging them to help you pick up heavy furniture and boxes from storage


All Purpose Removal & Storage take the safekeeping of your belongings extremely seriously at our high-security storage units in Brisbane

The main difference between removalist storage and self-storage units is the frequency to which anyone other than an employee will have access. Self-storage generally means that if you have items in the units, you have a key and access to the area. However, with removalist storage services, it is primarily the employees that have access to the area. This cuts down traffic near your storage unit and minimises members of the public attending to access their property. 

Climate control

Climate control is critical for storing your long-term documents and possessions. For example, we know how important it is to keep those accounting or legal documents not only secure but protected from damage caused by moisture, mould and rodents. Climate control also ensures that your antique furniture or priceless artwork is kept safe, in pristine condition, and ready for when needed.

Self-storage can fluctuate in temperature due to the constant traffic people create coming in and out to access their property – not to mention pests that can enter quickly and cause damage to your property. Choosing storage and removalist services with All Purpose Removals & Storage means that only our staff can access the storage areas, and our regular pest control treatments ensure your furniture is safe from pests. You can be assured our storage units in Brisbane stay dry, clean and at a regulated temperature.


All Purpose Removals & Storage have up to $250,000 insurance coverage for fire, collision and overturn during transport. For additional insurance, when the items are stored, talk to your contents insurer, or we recommend Allianz Insurance ( 

When seeking quotes for insurance, remember that our storage units are monitored and secured with access to employees only.


Using All Purpose Removals & Storage will not only reduce stress but can also be very cost-effective. You can save money and valuable time by not having to hire a trailer and make multiple trips to self-storage with large pieces of furniture. 

We offer anything from a week’s storage to years at a time. Flexibility with time means saving money if you want your items at short notice. Insurance will be cheaper because of the high security of our storage units. And, of course, any damage is minimised with us doing the packing and heavy lifting for you. 

How to get started with Furniture Removal Storage Near Me

All Purpose Removals & Storage makes moving, renovations and office relocations a breeze. We can provide a complete A to Z service, taking you from packing to removal, storage, and then delivery and unpacking without a single hair-pulling moment.

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