Tips to Avoid Overestimating and Undervaluing Your Move Weight

Large Moving Boxes

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when moving, namely moving weight and the volume of items that require transportation. Whilst the moving cost can often be a flat rate per hour, the distance and relocation area may result in you incurring an additional charge based on weight. 

How does weight affect moving cost?

Not all home buyers budget for the costs associated with moving house. Whilst many play a significant role in reducing expenses by packing and unpacking belongings themselves, overestimation or undervaluation of items can result in a nasty surprise. 

Did you know that the heavier your items are, the more it will cost you to move?

The weight of your household items can typically be the largest factor impacting your moving costs regardless of whether you are relocating locally within Brisbane or a fair distance away.  

Here are a few key tips to consider when moving to ensure that you are not being charged unnecessarily.

Create an inventory of light to bulky items

Prepare a thorough itemised list of household items you are wanting moved – this includes boxes of all sizes as well as bulky furniture, white goods and large, heavy pieces. This will give your removalist a great indication of the moving truck weight.

Weigh items individually

Whilst it might feel like overkill, weighing items individually will significantly assist your removalists with planning for the day. The moving box weight will differ to the weight of bulkier items so consider them separately.

Consider professional weighing

Having access to an appropriate moving weight calculator isn’t common so why not ask a professional for a moving weight estimate? Weighing your items will save you time and ensure that you are using the same metric system removalists use. After all, it is important you’re on the same page.

Consider the weight of the packing materials

Whilst protecting your items during transit might be at the front of your mind, it is worthwhile considering the volume of bubble wrap and other items used when packing. Don’t forget that your moving box weight can contribute to increasing costs unnecessarily. If you are unsure, ask your removalist for recommendations on boxes and packing materials.

How do you calculate weight when moving?

Understanding the importance of your moving box weight limit will determine how your items are transported and will allow you a clearer indication of the expected costs. When you equip yourselves with the right information, obtaining an accurate moving quote will be that much easier. 
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