Transporting your pet Statewide or Interstate?

As compared to moving furniture and other household items, transporting pets interstate can be a more complicated process. There are several advantages to using land transport companies, such as All Purpose Removals, that you need to consider. Using specially designed equipment and animal handling methods, your beloved pet can enjoy the travel to your new home.

Animals are unpredictable, and it’s one of the things that make them so loveable. One thing you can count on though, is that they’re quite tame when in a comfortable environment. Pets like it when the room temperature matches what their body considers normal. If you choose to fly with your puppy or kitten to the new place, there is a bigger chance of encountering rapid shifts in temperatures when you check in at the airport and when you board the plane. Loud noises and changes in pressure can also agitate animals, thereby causing excessive flinching and movement.

Before you can bring your pet aboard the plane, you also need to fill up registration and reservation forms. Some airlines do not allow no more than seven animals during flights. The interstate removal system by All Purpose Removals travels by land and takes into account the different circumstances that may arise during the trip to another state. Years of experience has made it possible for handlers to adjust to any concerns regarding animal health and safety.

Pet handlers and professional removalists from All Purpose Removals display expertise in caring for your beloved animals. They aim to transport all your items and your pet from point A to point B while adhering to the agreed schedule. Another benefit is that with land transport, you don’t have to deal with rescheduled and cancelled flights.

All Purpose Removals is a family business and you can count on them to treat your pet with tender loving care. For a more in depth discussion of how your pet can have a safe and trouble-free travel interstate, call 1300 13 95 95 and book your removal date today.