Buy Moving Boxes & Packing Materials Online

At All Purpose Removals, we have a great range of moving boxes and packing materials to buy online, as well as packing teams who will assist with the packing of your precious crockery, glassware and paintings.

2010-PackingItems-APacking your belongings the right way

We offer both the products and services to ensure your belongings are kept safe during transit from one premises to another. Our packers carry only high quality materials and are available to pack as little or as much as you require.

Alternatively, we are also able to supply and deliver cartons and materials if you choose to complete all of your own packing. Choose from our extensive range of packing materials from moving boxes and porta-robes to protective plastic coverings and bubble wrap.

We offer packing kits based on the average use of our clients in relation to their house size. These kits are supplied in advance of your removal and you are only charged for the number of materials used on your moving day. All Purpose Removals staff will remove any surplus packing materials on the day of removal at no cost. You can buy moving boxes and related products at the All Purpose Removals Shop.

All Purpose Removals also offers a buy-back service for any unwanted cartons when your unpacking is completed. Please contact our office on 1300 13 95 95 for an indication of what your boxes are worth.

Your one stop shop for all things storage

All Purpose Removals is more than just trucks and removalists! Not only do we offer moving services, we also have expert packers and boxes for moving.

All Purpose Removals also exclusively offer a Premoval service whereby you can engage your removalist much earlier in the removal process, and potentially sell your house for more. For additional information on this service, click here.