Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

All Purpose Removals has a great range of moving boxes and packing supplies you can purchase online to assist you with moving house. We also have packing teams available who can help with the packing of your precious crockery, glassware and paintings.

We offer the services and materials needed to ensure your belongings are kept safe during transit from one premises to another. Our packers only use high-quality boxes and packing supplies, and are available to pack as little or as much as you require.

We’re also able to supply and deliver cartons and materials should you choose to complete the packing on your own. Choose from our extensive range of packing supplies including:

  • Moving boxes
  • Porta-robes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Butcher paper
  • Protective plastic.

We offer packing kits based on the typical amount required for our clients’ house size. These kits are supplied prior to your move, and you’ll only be charged for the number of materials used on moving day. Our professionals will remove surplus boxes and packing supplies on the day of your move at no cost.

All Purpose Removals also provides a buy-back service for any unwanted cartons when your unpacking is complete. Call our head office for an indication of what your moving boxes may be worth.

All Purpose Removals’ Premoval service allows you to engage your removalist at an earlier stage to help you prepare your house for sale, and potentially sell it for a higher price.

Moving House Packing Tips From the Experts

Packing up the whole home can certainly feel like a daunting task, but with a clear-cut process, clever tricks and the right materials, you can save time and free up frustration to make for a seamless moving day.

man carry cardboard box whilst his friend tape another

  • Use packing as an opportunity to throw out items you no longer use or need.
  • Label your moving boxes’
  • Colour-code your packing boxes for moving so you can easily identify the room they belong in.
  • Prepare an inventory list with the number of boxes and their contents.
  • Distribute weight evenly between your moving boxes.
  • When packing boxes for moving, start with heavier items on the bottom and load the top with lighter belongings.
  • Defrost your fridge the day before to avoid leaks and bad smells while in transit.
  • Place Styrofoam plates between your good plates to ensure they don’t break.
  • Keep zip-lock bags handy for storing smaller items together (such as screws and bolts).

Speak to us about moving boxes in Brisbane and across Queensland 

With expert packers and superior packing supplies, All Purpose Removals has everything you need for a hassle-free move. We provide a professional service that always makes the process stress free and simple. Look to us for help with packing, office relocations, moves to regional Queensland and more. 

Get in touch today for further information about our range of services.

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