Removals New Farm

Moving to or from an inner-city suburb such as New Farm can be very stressful – but rest assured, our fleet of professional moving trucks has you covered. Whether you’re moving within the city, or planning a relocation to regional Queensland, All Purpose Removals’ experienced and local New Farm removalists will take the hassle out of your next move. Just think of us as your moving guardians for New Farm removals.

After an office relocation, or secure storage facilities? Our New Farm removalists can help you with those, too.

Full-Service Removalists in New Farm

If you’ve had terrible experiences with removalists in the past, allow us to put your mind at ease. Our all-inclusive New Farm removalist service will not only help you with the heavy lifting and moving of boxes, but we can also disassemble your furniture and reassemble it once it arrives in your new home. Better still, our hourly rates are some of the most competitive in Brisbane.

Packing and Unpacking New Farm

Dreading the packing process? We can take care of that for you. While you’re busy with other aspects of your move (like deciding who gets what bedroom), we’ll work on packing and unpacking your belongings. Our trusted New Farm movers will pack all your belongings safely using high-quality materials to minimise the risk of damage during transit.

Our New Farm removals team can also provide you with a premium unpacking service. You can either choose to have your valuables removed from boxes and placed on a flat surface, or we can go one step further and place your belongings exactly where you’d like them in your new home.

Business and Office Removals New Farm

Relocating to a new office can result in lost revenue for your business, so a swift and organised move is essential. In the past, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes – from small start-ups to large organisations that work across multiple office floors – relocate to new premises in and around New Fam. We can even disassemble and reassemble your office furniture, or relocate your files if need be.

Furniture Movers New Farm

There’s not much we can’t move at All Purpose Removals. Big or small, we can handle furniture removals in New Farm with skill and efficiency, regardless of where you’re moving. To make the moving process as easy as possible, we can disassemble your furniture and reassemble it in your new home and place it wherever you choose. We can even make your beds for you, so you can rest easy at the end of a long day.

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Everybody knows that you need boxes for moving – but we stock more than just boxes at All Purpose Removals. We also supply:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Butchers paper
  • Cartons
  • Packing tape
  • Protective plastics

You can purchase all your supplies quickly and easily from our online store today.

About Your Move to New Farm

From its bustling nightlife to its scenic Riverwalk, New Farm has plenty to offer residents. Located just 2 kilometres east of the CBD on the edge of the Brisbane River, it’s an excellent access point for the CityCat ferry service. New Farm is also home to the Brisbane Powerhouse, an arts venue that hosts comedy, music, events and exhibitions for you to experience throughout the year.

Being a busy inner-city area, you need the right removalists in New Farm. That’s why All Purpose Removals uses local knowledge to make your move a breeze. Book a removalist in New Farm by contacting All Purpose Removals today.