Long-Term Storage

Keep your valuables safe and out of the way with All Purpose Removals. If you need somewhere to store items indefinitely, our modular storage facility offers the perfect solution.

Our long-term storage in Brisbane is:

  • Unlimited – Store as long as you want
  • Secure – Protected in a private facility
  • Affordable – With many storage solutions.

We don’t just store your items – we can pick them up and deliver them to your door. This is handy for when you’re moving between houses or offices, or if you need to store bulky items. Our furniture removal team can provide the right packaging products and do all the grunt work to move your items into long-term storage. When you need certain items again, we’ll deliver them directly to you.


Long-Term Storage for Furniture and Documents

When it comes to storing important documents and furniture you’ve invested in, choosing the right facility is crucial to their longevity. Our long-term storage facility in Brisbane is completely secured against trespassers, the weather and pests. This ensures paper and other delicate materials are kept in their best condition, even during long-term storage that spans years.


What is Modular Storage?

Our long-term storage facility in Brisbane utilises modular functionality to maximise space. That means your items are stored safely in their own separate modules. Modular storage allows us to provide you with a better quality and more convenient storage space – compared to many other storage companies who use shipping containers.


How Does Our Long-Term Storage in Brisbane Work?

By choosing long-term storage with All Purpose Removals, we’ll take care of everything. Our 4-step process is designed to get your belongings from A to B safely. So, what exactly do we?

  1. We pick up your goods
  2. We pack them safely
  3. We store them securely
  4. We redeliver them when you need

With our convenient location in Brisbane, we’re in a prime position to quickly deliver items throughout the city. We can also reach the Gold Coast in under an hour, meaning you can rely on us for tight moving dates.


Your Trusted Provider for Secure Long-Term Storage in Brisbane

After serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 75 years, we know the importance of keeping your belongings safe. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of long-term storage care and security for your items.

We also understand that everyone has different storage timeframes. This is why we keep our leases flexible, ensuring you can access the best possible rates for all your storage needs.

Want to know more about our long-term storage in Brisbane? Get in touch with our friendly team today.