Seven Ways You Can Reduce the Time of Your Moving Process

Moving homes can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Although professional removalists can make the transition to your new home easier on you and your family, there is still a lot of work required on your part.

However, there are ways you can reduce the time it takes to transfer your belongings to your new home and still ensure the job is done right!

Stay Organised

mean and girl sitting on the stairs with an iPad

Have you ever tried to organise something complicated the night before? If you remember the days of finishing assignments for school or university, last-minute rush jobs never end well. This is why it’s so important to plan everything ahead of time and stay organised until the job is completed.

For example, you should make a detailed task list of what needs to be done well in advance of the big moving day. An eight-week plan is recommended to make sure you and your family are on track with the moving process.

Call in a Few Favours

two friends laughing and helping each other out with packing up house items

Do you have friends or family who owe you a favour or two? Well, this is the perfect time to call in that favour! Moving does take time, but it takes considerably less time if you have two or more extra pairs of hands helping you out.

So don’t be shy, call a few people on your contacts list and ask for their help. To sweeten the deal, promise them a six-pack of their favourite beer at the end of the move.

Clean Out

old man in his garage putting cardboard boxes away

The space in your vehicle and the removalist truck is precious. You certainly don’t want unused or unwanted objects taking up this precious space. With this in mind, now is a very good time for everyone to find and discard any items they do not use anymore.

It is recommended that you leave garbage bags in every room of the house. This will allow your family to easily discard any unused items. Having less belongings to pack will help your removalists, which in turn saves time and space.

Have All Personal Items Packed Before the Removalists Arrive

man putting books away in a box

The removalists will be busy moving everything to their truck on the big moving day. If you are still packing your belongings while they are lifting heavy furniture, it can significantly slow down the process.

The easiest way to avoid this situation is to ensure that all of your personal items are already packed and ready to be transported before the removalists arrive at your house.

Book Removalists in Advance

men carrying out all purpose removals' boxes

Try to book professional removalists a few weeks ahead of your big move. If you’re planning to move on a weekend or holiday, book your removalists at least a month in advance as finding someone on these dates can be a challenge. The last thing you want is a delay as you are moving homes.

Provide Clear Instructions for Removalists

girl sat on the floor writing out instructions with a pen and paper

Your removalists will not know all the details of how you want your furniture transported, and where it is to go once delivered to your new home. So let them know if some items need extra care and provide direction as to where you want everything to go before the removalist start carrying items into your new home.

Although moving homes can be a tricky, time-consuming affair, if you take the right precautionary measures beforehand you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the whole process went by!

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