Business Removals with All Purpose Removals

All Purpose Removals specialise in office relocation, which includes organising the packing and transfer of physical company assets from one location to the other. Business relocation can be a nightmare if the removal process ends in disaster. Furniture might be easier to replace, but computers and servers require more attention. Changing offices often leads to stoppage or delay of certain operational processes. Adding more work days to the relocation schedule can definitely affect production and eat up the company budget.

Big offices with multiple floors are nothing new to All Purpose Removals, as more than 30 years of experience is utilised to ensure that every unit is placed according to plan. You are welcome to invite a consultant to join in your planning sessions so you can provide notes and reminders regarding detailed instructions for each employee unit. In addition, an acceptable process of labelling can be agreed upon.

On the scheduled day of relocation, the unit provided by All Purpose Removals will disassemble the computers and the furniture. All assets are tagged and labelled with appropriate approvals to ensure that everything is accounted for. Bubble wrap and specialised containers are then used to wrap and pack all the separate elements, ready to be placed in the trucks. An impressive fleet of semi-trailers and crane trucks is made available for office relocations around Brisbane and Queensland.

At the new site, a system of delivery and installation is worked out between your representative and the All Purpose Removals team. Each asset is wheeled out and ticked on the checklist. The units are then reassembled and connections are linked. The final installation should always be examined and receive your approval.

The logistics of office relocation involve a certain number of elements that are best left to the hands of experienced removalists. Contact All Purpose Removals at 1300 13 95 95 today for more information about their office removal services.