Furniture Delivery Service

One of the biggest problems you will have when moving from one location to another is transporting all your goods, especially furniture. There is a special technique used in packing away furniture so it will not get damaged or scratched when you put it into storage.

Packing Materials
Boxes Used for Packing

You may not have enough manpower to do all of this, and this is when finding the right vehicle for transporting all your furniture will become a concern. To solve all your concerns in moving furniture, it would be best to hire a professional moving company with furniture delivery services.


If you live in Queensland, you can simply call on All Purpose Removals and Storage, a company that specialises in all services concerning the removal and storage of your personal effects. They can provide you with a long list of services starting from the pre-removal of your stuff up until the post-removal. All Purpose Removals offers 2 service packages, the “All Purpose Quality Economy” and the “All Purpose Quality Deluxe”.

With the “All Purpose Quality Economy” package, you can hire the company on an hourly basis, paying them only for the actual time they rendered in completing your move. Inclusive of this service is the assistance in packing all your items into boxes and moving them to another location, disassembly of your furniture, disconnection of all electrical appliances, correct labeling of all your boxes and assistance in unpacking the boxes upon its delivery.

With the “All Purpose Quality Deluxe”, a company representative is sent to your location so they can give you a free fixed price service quotation after making an ocular inspection of your moving needs. The services included in this package are more extensive, and includes the pre-removal service assistance and preparation of your existing home in putting it up for sale. They also provide all the materials and services needed in professionally packing your items. Furthermore, they relocate all your things to your new location or move them to a storage facility. They also provide unpacking services after the furniture delivery service and this includes the re-assembly of your furniture.

So, for your furniture delivery service and moving needs, just call 1300 13 95 95.