How to help your children adjust to a new address

For most parents, the difficult part of moving house is making the transition comfortable for their children. Young kids may find it hard to make this kind of change. Below are a few ways you can help your children to adjust to their new home.

Discuss the reason for the move

Children are still grasping the concept of how the real world works. They may not comprehend how moving to a new home can benefit the family. Discuss with them in a positive manner as to why everyone needs to live in a different place. Arrange a time to talk with your children that is separate from any other event. This will help provide a mental cushion for them to take in the news. Be prepared to answer any of their questions.

Get your kids excited about the place

You will want to make the experience of relocating to a new home positive for your children. A good way to do this is to get them excited about the location they will be living in. Take the time to drive around the neighbourhood of the new address with your kids. Point out the best things your kids will enjoy, such as a public library, a park with a new playground set, a public pool or a comic book store.

Take this time to also visit the school they will be attending. Ask a staff member or teacher to give you and your children a tour of the place. Point out anything the new school has as opposed to their old school which they may like.

Allow your children to personalise their rooms

The biggest benefit for your children to move to a new home is a fresh start. Give your children the freedom to decorate their rooms the way they want. Let them pick the paint or wallpaper. Having them enjoy their new room will make it easy for them to adjust to their new life.

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