How to prepare your items and house before moving

Moving house can be a busy and stressful time, but being prepared can make it smoother and even a bit of fun. Writing up a check list and devoting time to being ready can make all the difference. Whether you are simply moving down the road or to a totally different state, there are some things that are always the same. Below are some of the things you should organise and prepare before the big day.

Four weeks to go

  1. At this stage you should have your move date decided and have hired a removalist company. The next step is to organise removal insurance. You should also redirect your mail, think about the floor plan of your new place and where you want things, create an inventory of things you want to move, review your finances for the move and advise relevant organisations of your change of address.
  2. Three weeks before hand
    You should start purchasing packaging material and keep newspapers for wrapping fragile items. Begin packing rarely used items, give away unwanted items and service things like your car and mower. Keep your inventory list up to date and have a list of things to do and pack on the day of the move. Arrange a rubbish removal service or skip if you think you will have a lot to throw away.
  3. Two weeks to go
    Return anything overdue like DVD’s and library books and hold a garage sale if you want to make a bit of money out of your unwanted things. Make sure you cancel any local services like cleaning and newspapers and organise home settlement times and changeover of keys. Let your friends and family know of when you are moving and where, as well as contacting your new council for information about things like rubbish collection days.
  4. Seven days before moving
    In the last week, you should pack up as much as possible and only leave the essentials and everyday items out. Organise a kit of things for your moving day with items like keys, medicines, money, tools, a basic first aid kit, ID, toiletries and whatever else you may need. This is your last week in your old house, make it count and celebrate accordingly and most importantly, don’t let stress get to you.

The above tips are only a brief overview of what you should do in the weeks before moving house. For more tips and information on moving house, take a look at removalist company, All Purpose Removals, moving checklist here.