How to: Wet Weather Moving

So you’ve already decided to move your staff, furniture and your entire workplace to a different location. Then the weather forecast predicts rain on your moving day. Your office’s physical investments, especially your paper files, need to be protected during this challenging move.

Damaged belongings aren’t an option from the point of inventory, packing, storing and moving, all the way up until placing the items at your new office. To prevent this, you must use thorough planning and assistance from trained office removalists to ensure everything arrives safely and intact.

You can start by categorising the items depending on how you’d like to operate in your new office. Typically, it helps to order items in regards to location, but there is more to planning a wet weather move than this!

Prepare with These in Mind

An effective move takes weeks, even months, of preparation. This means you’ll need have a detailed checklist of items and actions. Here are the main pointers you should consider as you plan for an office transfer:

  • Easily damaged items

These include printouts of important documents, archived files, binders and anything made of paper or another material that can be damaged by the wet conditions. Prepare sturdy materials to guard and cushion your critical files.

  • Packing materials and storage boxes

Traditional cardboard boxes won’t do any good if there’s rain during your move. Laminated boxes, plastic storage bins and all-weather-proof floor mats are ideal for packing your office essentials. Each staff member should also be provided with sturdy, waterproof bins to transport personal items or any forgotten pieces.

  • Seek assistance from packing experts and removalists

If you’re using a professional mover, be sure to meet with them several weeks before you pack. Removalists like All Purpose Removals will have a system in place to help plan out and organise the move so it goes smoothly, as well as offering their own packing products for purchase to help with packing up the office.

A new office location should result in further productivity for your staff members and growth for the company as a whole, but wet weather on the day of your move can be disastrous. With the above tips, rain or shine, moving office should be simple.

For more advice, talk to the packing and removal experts at All Purpose Removals today.