Not Sure When Your New Home Will Be Ready? Try a Temporary Storage Solution a perfect world, your new home is ready for you a week or two before you must move out of your current one, so you can slowly move things over without any stress or worry. However it’s not a perfect world and many times there is a bridge between your existing home and your new home that needs to be crossed. So, what happens to all of your belongings during this in-between period where you aren’t actually living in a home? If this is you and you currently find yourself in this stressful situation, then don’t worry anymore because temporary storage is the perfect solution for you.

Temporary storage facilities, such as the one All Purpose Removals offers, are a great way to safely store your belongings while you sort out your living arrangements. Yes All Purpose Removals is known for its furniture movers and removalists, however, they can also offer you safe and secure storage for all your belongings for free for up to eight weeks. And the great part about all of this is that they can also pack and move all of your belongings to the temporary storage facility.

All Purpose Removals is a highly reputable company that offers a large network of facilities so that it’s convenient for you while you’re in between homes to store your items nearby. What’s great about temporary storage is that it’s not taking up any room in a friend’s or family member’s home or spread out over different locations. Your belongings are all in one location, stored securely in a temperature-controlled building with the length of storage is flexible. When you opt for a temporary storage solution, on the day of the move things are incredibly streamlined thanks to the fact that they are all going to one facility.

Whether you need to store your items for a week or a couple of months, you can find a solution with All Purpose Removals. If it’s just a short-term solution you’re after, you may want put your items in a container which makes it really easy and quick to then transport to your new home when it’s time to move in.

The amount of items you have to store isn’t an issue as places like All Purpose Removals usually have a variety of storage sizes so you can find one that works perfect for you.

Despite the uncertainty of when you can move into your new home, there’s one thing you can be certain of and that’s the professional moving and storage services offered by All Purpose Removals.