Pro Tips for preparing your goods for storage

When it comes to packing up your life and putting it into storage, there is a lot to organise. Storing unused items long term can damage them. However, if you take the necessary precautions, by packing all your objects carefully and correctly, when it is time to retrieve your goods they will be damage free and ready to go.

Although packing might seem quite a daunting task, once you start it only gets easier. The first step is to make sure you have the right materials and tools, such as lots of strong packing boxes, plenty of bubble wrap, old newspaper, black marker pens and brown tape.

When packing up books, make sure you lay them flat in the boxes, which will help protect their spines. Be mindful of how many you pack in one box, as they soon get very heavy. To keep your photographs in good condition, keep them flat also and place between pieces of cardboard. This will prevent them from curling up. However, if you plan to store your belongings for a long period of time, it is advisable you refrain from leaving your photos as they can be easily damaged.

Make sure all your breakable or valuable items are wrapped separately in plenty of bubble wrap or old newspaper. It is worth bearing in mind too that it is not just glassware and ceramic objects that can be damaged. Wood, plastic and tin must also be carefully wrapped, because if heavy items are stacked on top, over time they will get damaged.

Thoroughly clean and dry any electrical equipment you are storing. This will prevent mould from growing on the items. If you are putting your refrigerator into storage, make sure each compartment has been thoroughly cleaned. Empty the water reservoir before moving it to prevent moisture and mildew getting into your storage unit and store with the door slightly ajar.

There are lots of different storage units available, so you need to determine what sort suits your requirements best. You might need somewhere that you can gain access to easily, or one that has heightened security.

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