What boxes & packaging materials you need to move house

Moving to a new house can be a stressful ordeal if you fail to make the necessary preparations. To start with, you should consider looking into the essential materials needed to make the moving process smooth and organised.

2010-PackingItems-A.pngBefore you can move the bulky appliances such as cabinets and the fridge, you need to remove the contents so that they don’t get thrown around during transit. Storing them in cartons is a practical way of keeping them safe from damage. In addition, labelling and classification is much simpler if you can easily identify the items in the box.

All Purpose Removals offers cartons of standard size (45cm x 40cm x 30cm), the ideal dimensions for easy stacking and carrying. Always remember to put the heaviest items on the bottom, except for the fragile ones. If you end up having extra boxes that you don’t need, All Purpose Removals offers a buy back service for the cartons so they don’t go to waste.

Port-A-Robe and Tea Chest carton dimensions are also available. For fragile items, odd-shaped lamps or glassware, it is advisable to use bubble wrap. Use as much as you need and place them on top of the pile before closing the box, as well as labelling the box “fragile”.

Secure the boxes with tape but don’t just use any brand. You need to guarantee that the contents will not unravel, especially the bottom of the cartons. In this regard, your only option is heavy duty packing tape.

If you want to shield your furniture from dust and harmful elements, cover them with protective plastic. This preserves the quality of your couches, beds and dining chairs. All Purpose Removals also offers butcher’s paper which you can use to cover paintings and photo frames.

Knowing the materials to use is only the first step in your moving checklist. Every precaution should be observed in order to ensure safety of your items, as well as yourself. All Purpose Removals also provides you an option to let them do the moving for you. You may contact them 1300 13 95 95 ask about prices and bookings.