Checklist for moving a house safely and stress- free

If you are a first-time mover, you may be a little overwhelmed with the relocation process. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to move to your new house safely and stress-free. Keep in mind the following checklist to ensure a worry-free house move:

One step at a time

When it comes to packing, many homeowners are doing it wrong. Most of them believe the procedure is easier if they would put their possessions inside a box, without segregating them. However, once they unpack they face difficulties in finding and organising their things. With that in mind, never rush to pack all your belongings. As much as possible, you should complete the task one step at a time. For instance, separate kitchen utensils from food products.

Change your postage address

If a package was sent to your old address, you may never be able to retrieve it. To avoid this, don’t forget to change your postage address. You should update your address so every parcel or piece of mail will be forwarded to your new location.

Cut utilities

Cutting utilities such as electricity and water is an effective way to save money and avoid hassles. Talk to your provider, settle the unpaid bill and ask to cut the service temporarily until the house is bought off the market. This will ensure you will be burdened with additional utility expenses.

Buy the right packing materials

Moving your belongings from one place to another will not give you assurance it will arrive in your new house’s door step in the same condition. However, you can protect it from damages by buying the right packing materials. For instance, fragile items such as kitchenware and glass figurines should be wrapped in a bubble wrap.

Hire house removalists

Another tip is to consider hiring removalists. The relocation process can run smoother and faster. If you are looking for the best provider, All Purpose Removals is the best choice. They are known for giving the best moving services at competitive rates.

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