Secure storage for your winter items with All Purpose Removals

Not all homeowners are given the luxury of an extra area to store their winter items. In fact, cabinet and bedroom space is so limited they have no other choice than to put it out in the garage. Rather than hiding them in confined spaces, there is another clever solution. You can choose to partner with house removalists, All Purpose Removals, to securely store your household possessions.

Out of sight, out of mind

Unlike what many people believe, there is a right way to pack and store winter items. For instance, leaving it to hibernate inside a plastic bag can expose it to pests and moisture. Putting it underneath the bed or in the basement will also not protect it from possible damages. However, placing it in a storage facility, you can have your properties in top notch condition just in time for next winter.

Storage facilities at All Purpose Removals

If you are uncertain which provider you should choose, consider house removalists, All Purpose Removals. They are not only known for providing moving services to achieve a stress-free relocation, they are also preferred by many homeowners and businessmen to store winter possessions. If you choose All Purpose Removals, you can benefit from the following:

  • Keep your belongings in good condition – All Purpose Removals’ facilities are temperature controlled which means there is no room for damages caused by slight change in weather.
  • Have all your possessions– All Purpose Removals is a trust-worthy storage provider throughout Queensland. To ensure you have peace of mind while they keep your things, they only let limited staff to assess their facilities.
  • Safe from pests – Aside from controlling temperature, All Purpose Removals also take the extra effort t to make sure your property is safe from pests. They conduct pest control regularly to avoid unwanted damages of your things.

If space is limited and you don’t want your possessions to be damaged by pests or changes in temperature, consider placing them in a storage facility. You can also rent it as long as you need to. To know more about All Purpose Removals’ furniture and office storage services and facilities, call them today by dialling 1300 13 95 95.