Hate packing boxes? We will pack it for you!

Moving houses usually involves several processes that contribute to how seamless and trouble-free the transfer is handled. The more you can focus on individual elements, the better an outcome can be expected. In this regard, you can count on All Purpose Removals to handle your packing requirements.

One of the advantages with letting All Purpose Removals handle your items is that packing equipment is also included in their catalogue. There is absolutely no need for you to quote for packing tape or customised boxes. Just put in a request for help and their staff will be on hand to apply company expertise in packing your belongings.

In order to ensure that the removal process is administered efficiently, fragile items will first be identified and prepared for stocking. Bubble wrap is required for materials made of glass, porcelain and other oddly shaped pieces.

Everything needs to be categorised according to size and weight. Heavy furniture needs to be place in the bottom of the pile and wrapped accordingly. The removalists can determine the appropriate type of boxes to use in each lot. Please be reminded that all cartons packed by staff from All Purpose Removals are insured for damage during transit. Other items are only insured for loss, so you’re better off using the packing service they provide.

Your items need to be accounted for from the moment they leave your place. The professional removalists from All Purpose Removals will prepare a checklist of items that is easy to understand. Each box will be labelled accordingly and should be easy to identify once you open them at the new place.

Speaking of unpacking, All Purpose Removals also provide unpacking services. You have the option to just act as a manager who oversees the process without having to do the heavy work. You may call 1300 13 95 95 and request for a free quote today.