Relocating office?

Office relocation is usually an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. At All Purpose Removals and

Storage, they move all sorts of business equipment. This includes computers, electronic equipment, files and furniture. Your items are secured in packages and delivered on time. You are assured that they are always available, even at the last minute.

Worry-free Removal and Delivery

Transferring the location of an office can be a complex, daunting and expensive task. Computers should be packed correctly and files need to be organized accordingly. The process is made even more complicated when your staff carries on working whilst the removal is taking place. It may also lead to a bigger expenditure and negative impact on your business if you choose the wrong office movers.

With All Purpose Removals, you can finally put your mind at ease. For 35 years, they have provided successful office relocation services for every type of business in Queensland. The management makes sure that you are confident with their service by providing friendly, trustworthy and able movers.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry that the movers will run away with your office equipment as most of their drivers have been with them for more than 10 years. They also use top-notch moving equipment and a clever labelling technique to avoid confusion.

If you want your business to relocate in another city, All Purpose Removals can also do this for you. They offer weekly state-wide and interstate transport of items throughout Australia either by road or rail.


Cleaning, Packing and Storing

Movers will arrive in your office and do all the packing and storing not on the day of the move, but a day or two before the scheduled date. If you have a preferred way of packing, they are more than happy to follow your directions. Secure storage facilities can also be provided if the new office is still under construction. When all the equipment is packed, they will deliver it on the confirmed date.


How Much Will You Pay

Many moving services ask a huge amount of money, but not at All Purpose Removals. Before the actual relocation, a removal estimator will come to your office and assess the total cost of the move. Pick-up and delivery dates and organising techniques will then be discussed.

When it comes to business relocation, don’t let it be a burden. Contact All Purpose Removals on 1300 13 95 95 to book a consultation.