How To Safely Transport Fragile Items With Local Removalists

Plates in Bubble Wrap

Choosing a removalist company with known experience in transporting fragile items is the first consideration on your local, regional, or interstate move. It is best if the local removalist company offers a complete moving service which includes packing, storing, and transporting your items. It can also be advantageous if they already have all the moving supplies you will need for your fragile valuables such as boxes, bubble wraps, packing tapes, and markers.

What to do before your move 

Before you schedule your move, you have to make sure that you have:

  • Completed the inventory of items you intend to bring to your new house or office
  • Sorted other items to leave, donate or throw
  • Labelled all light, fragile, and heavy items accordingly
  • Secured the same items in a box and sealed them with packing tape
  • Booked for a local removalist to transport all of your items

Packing fragile items 

Fragile items can be anything that can break easily during transport. They can be anything from mirrors, mugs, gadgets, machinery, or luxury furniture items such as lampshades, glass tables, etc.

Packing small to medium fragile items can be something you can do. These can be items such as plates, saucers, mugs, small mirrors, laptops, jars, collectible toys, and porcelain decors. Wrap them per piece with newspapers and then, with bubble wraps. 

Large fragile items such as pianos, bedside mirrors, home appliances, and vases should be left in the care of a local removal company as they are the best people to pack, carry, and move these items.

Coffee Mug Wrapped in Paper

Transporting fragile items 

Before transporting fragile items on the day of your move, make sure that you have:

  • Secured insurance for any item of high value
  • Sorted all boxes containing small to medium fragile items 
  • Segregated large fragile items 
  • Used packing materials that can avoid breaking or provide extra cushioning such as newspapers, bubble wraps, foams, cardboard dividers, etc.
  • Just placed enough items in designated boxes without having to overload them
  • Labelled them with a marker or “FRAGILE” tape 
  • Complied with the right moving boxes or supplies to use 
  • Scheduled your move in advance

Tips for unloading fragile items 

Once your items get to your new home or office, it’s time to unload them. When unloading fragile items make sure that you:

  1.  Leave the large items to the local removalists to carry 
  2. Carry small to medium fragile boxes one at a time
  3. Have a trolley or cart when unloading multiple fragile boxes
  4. Check each item for any damages after unpacking them
  5. Assign a dedicated home or office area for all fragile items where you can unpack them

In a nutshell

It is a must to take care of your fragile items during a local, regional, or interstate move because they can spell a lucrative value, their shattered pieces can cause injury, and they also have some sentimental value to you. Transporting fragile items to your new office or home is tedious if you are the only one to do it. Hiring a local removalist can lessen your stress and to-dos during the move as they can do the packing, sorting, storing, and moving of all your fragile items. 

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