Let All Purpose Removal help you move with confidence

Trying to sell a house and preparing to move can be a stress you don’t need. Boxes clutter your house during viewing times, you’ve had no offers to buy and you’re moving house in less than a month. You want to store your moving stuff somewhere but you also want someone to move everything. You don’t want to pay two different companies or cart your stuff in-between places and pay more than necessary. All Purpose Removals has the answer: their Premoval system can store your boxes then move them to your new home when you’re ready.
All Purpose Removals are a Queensland company who specialise in home removals, storage, office moves and packing materials. They are a privately owned, family business that was established in 1975 and with most of their employees in excess of 10 years’ service to the company. The company has over 200 vehicles for all your needs and pride themselves on removing the stress and difficulty experienced with events like home removals.
The Premoval service offered by All Purpose Removals is one way they like to make moving house as easy as possible. They are the only company in Australia with this service and currently offer the first eight weeks of storage for free. All Purpose Removals will supply you with the packing materials for you to use, or if you don’t have time, they can get staff to pack for you. Once you’re ready to move, the stored items will be loaded onto the truck and transported to your new home. The company’s staff will then help unpack at your destination.
All Purpose Removals is your one stop shop for all your removal needs, costing you less money and time so you can relax and enjoy the moving process. Why not check out all that they offer by visiting their site and order a quote today.