Moving Tips to Make Your Big Day a Breeze

Moving house can be stressful and being prepared is the key to a smooth move. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of our favourite moving tips:

Be organised – plan ahead! Notify the right people of your move, organise removalists and make a plan of action for moving day.

Pack a bag of “essentials” for your first night – put together a bag of items you will need for the first 24 hours in your new home, such as unperishable foods, a change of clothes, toothbrush, laptop or tablet, chargers and anything else you can’t go without for more than a day!

Colour coding – when packing boxes, colour code them to make them easily identifiable. You can buy coloured dots from stationary and office supply stores to make this easier. Make sure to keep a list that matches colours with rooms.

Take photos of electronics – photograph the plugs and cords in television sets, computers and other electronics so you know exactly how to put them together again.

Cover hanging clothes with bin bags – leave clothes on the hanger and pack half a dozen in a garbage bag to make packing and unpacking faster and easier.

Pack fragile items with clothes – use socks to pack and protect smaller items like glasses and mugs and t-shirts for larger crockery and breakable pieces.

Seal toiletries with glad wrap – stop breakages and leakages by covering the openings of your toiletries with glad wrap then putting the original tops back on.

Use glad wrap to keep furniture together – wrap furnishings entirely with a few layers of glad wrap. This is particularly helpful with items that feature drawers or doors as it keeps them in place and offers you another space to store items.

Use sandwich bags for small items – if you take furniture apart, keep the screws and other small pieces in a Ziploc bag and tape them to the piece of furniture.

Defrost your refrigerator before moving – these appliances can get messy, so make sure you defrost at least 24 hours beforehand.

Take photos of the old and new place – this is particularly important if you are renting. Take a photo of the old place once everything is out of the house and the new one before you put everything in again.

Organise baby sitters – if you have small children and pets, find family or friends who can look after them during the move. This will make it easier on you and the little ones.

Get some expert help – don’t make it difficult for yourself, get some professional help from a mover. They can help with both organising the move and getting your belongings from A to B.

And don’t forget – enjoy it! Moving can be stressful but it is also exciting and a new journey, so make the most of the fresh start! And, if you feel you may need some help, get All Purpose Removals on the case.