How long does it take to move a home?

The time it takes to moving house depends on a number of factors. This includes the amount of utilities to discontinue, personal belongings to pack and how fast your removalists can transfer the furniture. The following may help you in estimating the time it will take for you to move house.

Number of belongings
Typically, a person’s belongings will take the most time in moving to a new house. When the removalists arrive, they have to pack everything into boxes, disassemble furnishings and move it into the truck. This can be prevented by preparing your belongings yourself. Dismantling your cabinets, beds and desks, as well as packing smaller items into labelled boxes can shave off the hours used in packing them.

Transferring the utilities
It may take a number of days to disconnect your utility services and have them transferred to your new address. You will need to notify the companies of your move at least a week in advance. This will give them time to arrange the disconnection of their services to your current home before you settle into your new surrounds.

Number of able people
Another important factor is the number of people who are able to help in the move. Bringing in more people to help can reduce your packing and moving timeframe. Ask your relatives, friends and neighbours if they can help you with your move. You can also ask your removalist company if they are able to provide additional workers to pack your belongings in less time.

Distance between your old and new home
The time it takes for your removalists to move your furniture to your new address depends on the location. If it is within the same state, it can take just one day for your belongings to be transferred. If your new home is in a different state or overseas, it may take up to a week to move.

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