How to be prepared for your first night in your new home

Moving to a new location can be an exciting experience, but if you have never moved before, it can also be a little scary. Almost everything will feel strange and alien to family members during their first night in a new place. Below are a few ways to prepare for your first time in your new home.

Plan the first night in your new home early

It is a good idea to survey the house and discuss the first night with your family members. Determine if beds can be arranged in everyone’s room right away when you arrive. Have a Priority box with the essentials your family members will be using right away. This could include a change of clothes, toiletries, pillows and other commonly used belongings.

Prepare the night’s dinner in advance

When you and your family arrive at the new house, there isn’t a lot of time to cook a meal. Everyone will be busy unpacking and making sure the furniture is placed in the right room. Most kitchenware and cooking utensils will also need to be unpacked to prepare dinner, with many families instead choosing to order pizza or take-out on their first night.
What you can do is to prepare a meal which can be reheated in your new home. This will help you save money and gives your family a chance to settle in properly. It is recommended to use plastic utensils as this will help avoid the time unpacking other kitchen items so soon.

Have the toiletries easy to unpack

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your new home. This is where many of your family will go before bed. Prioritise the unpacking of the bathroom items and toiletries, making sure they are packed in a separate box, to make the house more accommodating.

Bring an emergency kit

Anything can happen in your new home when you least expect it. Make sure you have an emergency kit packed and ready to use if necessary. The kit should include medical supplies, extra batteries, a flashlight, filled water bottles and a tool box.

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