Some Hints on Moving the Large and Awkward Items

2010-PackingItems-A.pngSome items, such as television sets, fish tanks and wine collections, can present a great deal of difficulty when it comes to packing, storing and moving due to their large size or awkward shape. You will often find that hiring furniture removalists is the best route to take and at All Purpose Removals they offer a comprehensive packing and unpacking service.

Aside from being able to offer services for packing and moving your items, they can also provide helpful tips and suggestions on how best to deal with particularly large and awkward items. All Purpose Removals also offer a premoval service, which will enable you to have your items packed and stored away before you move, making the process even easier.

What if I Decide to do it all Myself?

If you have the means to move your own items and decide not to use the furniture movers at All Purpose Removals, be sure to take advantage of their wide selection of boxes and packing materials.

They offer a vast array of packing materials ranging from cartons to bubble wrap and plastic coverings, and will happily remove any unused packing materials on the day you move at no extra cost.

Keep in mind the integrity of the object you are wrapping if you plan to do it yourself. Whether you’re packing a TV, sofa or a priceless work of art, make sure that everything is securely wrapped. Cover any exposed edges and corners to prevent scuff marks.

Lift Carefully

Sometimes moving house can be a rushed and stressful process but you must take the time to lift heavy items carefully, especially if they are shaped awkwardly.

Squat down to pick heavy items up without rounding your back, and lift them by driving your feet into the ground and pulling with your upper back rather than your lower back which is more vulnerable.

The last thing you want to do is strain your back or hip when you have a whole house of items to move, so always err on the side of caution.

For more advice about packing and moving home, or to request a quote for your bug move, talk to the experts at All Purpose Removals today.