Maximise the Sale Price of Your Home

When it comes to maximising the sale price of your home, don’t just leave it all up to your agent or down to guesswork.

There are a few steps you can take to boost the value of your house and companies like All Purpose Removals are more than happy to lend a helping hand to squeeze the best possible price from the sale.

How Premoval can boost the Sale Price of your Home

Using furniture removalists is a fairly standard part of moving house, but at All Purpose Removals, they also offer a very unique premoval service that involves having your items packed and stored for up to 8 weeks prior to your moving date.

They can assist in packing away your belongings from your home prior to anyone even viewing it, which means you can present your house to potential buyers in exactly the manner you want.

Decluttering your home will make it far more appealing to the people who are viewing it and will also give you the opportunity to spruce it up with minor decorative features such as flowers and cushions. Prospective buyers are probably not going to want to see all of your miscellaneous belongings strewn across the place, so adopting a more minimalist approach by utilising All Purpose Removals’ premoval service will almost certainly pay dividends.

Another benefit of removing any unnecessary clutter is that you will have more space to ensure the house smells great and is clean and dust-free. Presenting a house that is clean and tidy will provide viewers with a showroom feel, making them far more comfortable as well as allowing them to imagine where their own belongings could go.

These may sound like minor factors but they all add up to a more pleasant and compelling experience for prospective buyers. With the help of All Purpose Removals, selling and moving is easy!