The Complete Guide to Packing Your Clothes for a Move 

packing clothes for a move
packing clothes for a move

Moving can be overwhelming from packing, the actual move, up to unpacking. To make this process go as smoothly as possible, you must know how to pack the items you will bring with you. 

When we talk about packing, clothes are usually the first on the list. And although this may sound easy, some people cannot just let their clothes be shoved in boxes with neglect.

Our clothes can have multiple purposes too. Some can just be tossed in laundry bags such as lounge shorts or boxers, while some need to be folded neatly in a suitcase such as those we use in formal events or luxury clothes.

Today, we will talk about several ways to speed up packing your clothes and ways to properly protect them from any damage before and after the move.

Need-to-Know Packing Tips for Your Clothing

Before packing your clothes, it’s important to check first which clothes go together and which need extra care. For example, casual shirts, night clothes, and rugged clothes can go in the same boxes or bags. Suits, gowns, or costumes may need a specific containment. Luxury clothing can also go in their old boxes, bags, or a suitcase.

Keep in mind that you also need to maximise all available moving boxes or plastic bags. You can learn from Marie Kondo’s folding style or simply roll your clothes to allow more room for other clothes you intend to bring. Don’t forget to separate the ones you will no longer be bringing or those up for a garage sale.

Have Available Laundry or Plastic Bags or Hanging Packs

Once you finish sorting and folding your clothes, the next thing you need is containment. Clothes that didn’t get to the laundry can be tossed in laundry bags to remind you that once the move is complete, you will need to wash them. Gowns, dresses, suits, or other formal wear may need to be in hanging packs and go together in a clothes hanger rack. Undergarments can be placed in string bags to easily identify them.

Start With Heavy Garments Which Can Help You Pack Faster

Heavy garments like coats, suits, gowns, jackets, and costumes are something you don’t wear frequently. Thus, this helps you identify them easily and speed up the packing of clothes. Since these clothes are those you don’t also wear often, this means they are fewer than your regular clothes. Some of them may not even require folding and just needs to be zipped in hanging plastic packs.

Use Other Bags or Plastic Materials Like Zip Lock Bags

Other bags you have at home can also be useful during the move. A duffel bag can serve as extra storage for singlets, boxers, socks, and small towels. Large to medium zip lock bags can be useful for wet or laundry items. Vacuum bags can be used for bulky jackets or winter coats. Lastly, a drawstring trash bag can be used for lounge or casual clothes.

Make Sure All Bags, Plastics, or Boxes Are Clean for Unused Clothes

Clean and unused clothes must be kept in clean bags, boxes, and plastics too. This is to reduce extra work when it comes to washing a bulk of dirty clothes once you get to your new home. The last thing you want to do is unpack them, start arranging them in your new closet, and rest.

Label Each Clothing Plastics, Boxes, or Suitcases

Once you have tucked all clothes into their respective containers or bags, label them accordingly. Labelling your packed clothes can lessen the work of unpacking them. When you also know which ones should go first in your new closet, it also reduces the time spent rearranging them.

Final Notes

Packing your clothes properly can add to a stress-free move. If you have plenty of clothes in your closet, there are removal companies that also offer packing and unpacking services. All Purpose Removals and Storage not only provides hassle-free moves within Brisbane, Gold Coast, regional Queensland, or interstate Australia, but we can also help in packing, providing safe storage may it be for temporary or long-term use, and most all moving boxes and other packing supplies you need to keep safe all your items.
To enquire about our local, regional, or interstate Australia move and packing services, you can call us at 1300 139 595 or learn more about our packing services.