The Complete Guide to Removals & Moving House or Office

Couple Packing The Items for a Move
Couple Packing Household Items for a Move

Removal services can vary from local, regional, interstate or inter-country, and international. Some movers can offer specific services only for furniture, plant, rubbish, or home appliance removals while some include them in their main services. There may also be removal types based on seasonality. Other removal services may also include premoval for a house sale, office relocation, commercial storage, packing and unpacking, and moving boxes and supplies.

Before you make a final decision and schedule your move, here are some quick tips you can follow:

Have a Checklist of All Items to Include

Sorting items from valuables to those for disposal can help lessen your stress before the day of the move. Make an inventory of items from clothes, fragile items, furniture, appliances, plants, tools, and rubbish.

Have Your Correct and Updated Address Ready

Providing your correct and updated address is essential in terms of considering moving cost, travel distance and duration, and having the right destination for all your belongings.

Learn More About Removalist Costs or Hourly Rates

Some moving companies may have a fixed rate for certain location points while some may apply hourly rates, especially if the move happens locally and will not take so much time. Whatever the case is, it is important to know which cost applies and be ready for it.

Check Removal Coverage Areas and Package Inclusions

If you are moving within the same suburb, you need not struggle much in finding a local removalist as most of them can be found in Google My Business or other listings. Some may also have social media pages you can contact easily. However, when moving interstate or regional, you may have to look for an experienced mover who can travel anywhere within Queensland or Australia.

Learn What Customers Say About Them

Social proof can be a make or break other than pricing. Of course, you want to entrust all your home or office belongings to a moving company that knows how to handle them properly, listens to and understands their customers and has years of experience. 

Check Their Terms and Conditions

Some customers end up frustrated upon learning that a moving company will not cover a particular item in the move or will not be liable for any damaged items. Before you have that long face, be sure to read the removal company‘s terms and conditions and they can be agreed on based on your needs.

Pack Your Things and Book Your Move in Advance 

Everything done early saves you from all anxiety when you need to move to a new office or house. It is a lot easier for removalists to collect your belongings when you have them prepared in advance. In any event that you cannot attend to packing all your stuff, then you can also count on other movers to do the job for you. This can be a get-and-go process.  Booking your move a month before can also save you moving costs and avoid incurring other fees.

The Bottom Line

Determining who to hire for a house or office removal may entail some considerations in terms of price, service inclusions, customer experience level, and others.

All Purpose Removals and Storage is a seasoned removalist that offer:

  • House Removals in Brisbane
  • Gold Coast Removals
  • Regional Queensland Removals
  • Australia-Wide Interstate Moving 
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Packing Boxes for Moving and Other Supplies
  • Premoval for House Sales
  • Busines Storage for Short and Long Term

If you want to learn more about our removal services or pricing you can visit or call 1300 139 595. You may also get a quote or book your move online.