The importance of removal insurance

Packing items and moving house requires a lot of time and care. Removal services have expert staff to make sure your items leave and arrive in the same condition, but sometimes there are accidents and things can go wrong. No matter how much bubble wrap, packing materials or strategic loading, there is always risk and this is why it is important to get removal insurance.

Whether you have extremely valuable items or a second hand dining table, removal insurance can be a vital step in the moving process. As soon as you start moving something more than necessary, no matter how much care you take, this still increases the risk of damage. Add to that the fact your items are going to be packed up, loading into a removals van, driven to your new home and then unpacked again, the risk of damage is increased again.

But finding the right removal insurance is important. Some policies have certain exclusions and terms and conditions that may not work with your removal process. For example, some companies don’t cover jewellery and money and some don’t cover owner packed goods. This makes it vital to find out exactly what your house removalist insurance covers.

One company that offers both house removalists and removal insurance is Queensland company, All Purpose Removals. They have insurance that covers contents against fire, collision and overturn to the value of $250,000 to guard against the vehicles being in an accident on the move. For more information about their house removalist and insurance policy, call 1300 13 95 95 or take a look at their hints and tips tab online and feel safe that your items are in good hands.