Top tips for moving office

Moving office can be expensive and time consuming, with lots of expensive equipment and small items that need to be packed the right way and located in the right place. Having the right knowledge and hiring a good removalist company can make a big difference. Read on to see some tips on what you should keep in mind when relocating.

  1. Only one leader
    It is important that only one person is in charge of the move. This doesn’t mean others can’t help, but make sure that there is only one leader who knows the details of the move and can direct the commercial removalist crew. They should know where everything is and where everything will be going. Choose someone who can take on the responsibility and work hard.
  2. Plan your move
    Figure out the day and time way in advance, the more notice the company gets the better. Also organise what you need moved by professionals, what can be thrown away and what is personal and can be moved by staff. Consider drawing up a plan for where everything will go and mark boxes so you know what each contains.
  3. Packing up the office
    Packing takes longer than moving. Make sure you set aside enough time to pack up. It is often easiest to get your own staff to pack as they know more about what you have and where it belongs. Buy the right size boxes and padding for all your office tools and items and make sure there is somewhere to throw rubbish or unnecessary items. For more fragile items, ask the removalist to see if they have special procedures and packaging for it.

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