Tips for Handling Fragile Items with Packing Boxes During a Move

Fragile Items in Moving Boxes
Fragile Items in Moving Boxes

Not having the right supplies to pack and keep your fragile items safe when moving is… well, a bad move. Stack the odds in your favour for an anxiety and casualty-free move by being prepared with the correct moving boxes and packing supplies

Let’s talk about fragile items and packing boxes

Packing fragile items is almost like an art form. However, using the best packing boxes for moving your fragile items will help you pack like a professional. Removalist boxes with specific dimensions and thickness ensure that your valuable items have the best chance of surviving the move intact. Wondering where to buy packing boxes for moving house near me? Specifically designed removal packing boxes are the protection you need. 

Why handle with care?

From your favourite lamp to your big screen TV, all are fragile and need special packing boxes for moving. Taking care when carrying boxes to and from the car or truck is one thing, but in transit, things are out of your hands – literally. That makes choosing the right packing boxes essential to ensure all your items can withstand any jostle and movement on the road.

Choose the right box for the job

Getting the right moving packing boxes for the job is just as important as packing each item correctly. For example, valuable wine glasses require specific moving boxes and packing material – think bubble wrap and removalist boxes with dividers to prevent items clashing and breaking in transit. Moving boxes and packing paper can be used to ensure your family heirloom dinner set is protected from scratches and breakage during the move. 

Packing techniques for fragile items

Every item has an ideal packing technique that maximises safety and minimises risk. For example, use professional moving boxes and packing supplies, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap individually, and stuff the interior with butcher’s paper to support thin edges. This protects the glasses from the inside and the outside. 

Keep fragile items together. Avoid packing boxes with a jumble of heavy items and breakables. It may seem obvious, but in the rush and stress of moving, you might be tempted to throw random belongings into boxes just to get the job over with. It’s understandable, but it could mean some of your belongings don’t survive the move.

Electronics should be wrapped in packing supplies such as bubble wrap and packed in the original box (if you still have it), or in a suitable packing box. 

Labelling and organising for easy unpacking

Try labelling all your removalist boxes with a colour coded system for easy unpacking at the other end. You can have the best packing boxes for moving, but without labels, it can be confusing to know which box contains what – and which boxes require extra care when handling. 

Label boxes according to room, marking as fragile where necessary, to ensure unloading at the other end is organised and mishap-free.

Don’t forget the padding!

Using the correct and safest padding is essential. Butcher paper can be useful for a range of moving purposes but scrunched up against a painting, it can spell disaster. Instead, protect your wall art with bubble wrap. 

If choosing the right moving boxes and packing supplies feels like another task on an already overwhelming moving to-do list, call in the experts! Brisbane removalists All Purpose Removals can advise on which padding works best for your belongings.   

Final thoughts and happy moving!

Noone likes packing, but when you do it well, the results speak for themselves as you unpack! 

Wondering where to buy packing boxes for moving? All Purpose Removals and Storage can help! Contact us to discuss your individual needs.