What Customers Must Know About Removalist Quotes

Removalist Unloading Boxes
Removalist Unloading Boxes

Let’s face it – moving is stressful. Exciting things may await on the other side – but you need to get there first! A professional removalist can ensure your move goes smoothly – and that your items arrive safely. But with so many Brisbane removalist companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. 

And what about Brisbane removalists prices? They can vary wildly which only adds to the confusion! This is why doing your research is important. Take the time to compare each removalist quote, paying particular attention to exactly what services are included within each quote. From here, you can narrow down which Brisbane removalist will work best for you and your needs. 

The importance of comparing removalist quotes

When it comes time to move, the first question you probably have is how much does a removalist cost? And while removalist fees are an important factor, going with the cheapest quote might end up costing you. To ensure your move goes without a hitch, you want to hire the most experienced, professional, and honest removalist you can afford. 

When comparing moving quotes, don’t forget to note the services each company includes. This will help you gauge which offers the best value for money. Professional removalists will be experienced in assessing the amount of items you need to move, and will provide you with an accurate estimate. They’ll also provide you with professional customer service, insurance for your possessions, and special features as a point of difference to other local removalists. 

Factors that affect removalist quotes

There are so many factors with each move that will help determine how much a removalist quote might be. These can include:

  • Property size and the amount of furniture you have. The size of your property and how much furniture you have to move will play a role in how much it costs. Consider carefully whether you might be able to downsize some of your furniture to reduce moving costs

A rough guide to how long it might take to move is as follows:

  • A studio or one bedroom – 2 – 4 hours total
  • A 2 bedroom house or flat – 4 – 6 hours total
  • A 3 bedroom house or flat – 5 – 8 hours total
  • A 4 bedroom house or flat – 7 – 10 hours total 
  • How prepared you are. If you have already packed all of your possessions and your furniture is ready to go, this will make the job that much easier. It’ll definitely cost you less. If this isn’t possible, it’ll factor into your quote and the overall price. 
  • The distance from your old home to your new home. If you’re moving locally, you can expect cheaper moving quotes than for an interstate move. Moving locally? Some removalists charge hourly rates and this may save you money, especially if you have minimal belongings.
  • Parking for the removalist truck. Having easy access to both your old and your new property is essential, so if there are any loading zones or parking spaces close to the properties, let the removalist know. The closer the truck is to the property, the more you’ll save. 
  • Are there lifts or stairs at either property? Using either lifts or stairs can add additional expenses to your removalist quote. Lifts mean that there will be double handling of your possessions, while stairs mean it might slow the whole process down, or an extra mover may need to be added.

Additional services and charges to consider

Providing the most accurate information to your removalist allows them to provide the most accurate moving quote – and this includes fees for additional services you might need. These can include packing services, moving supplies, or disassembling furniture, particularly cumbersome furniture like beds or sofas.

So how do you know what you’ll need? Consider both properties carefully and how easy it might be to access them from the moving truck, or if extra equipment or manpower might be needed to move heavy items. Don’t underestimate the size of your property in order to get a cheaper quote – if the job is much bigger than you have indicated, you can expect the costs to be bigger, too. 

How to choose the right removalist based on quotes

When looking to choose the right moving company, avoid being swayed by the removalists rates alone. Does a lower moving quote mean a lower standard of service? Read the reviews to get a clearer picture.  

Compare the services offered in each quote. Maybe you’re happy to go with a cheaper quote that offers less. However, a full service removalist with completely upfront costs can help reduce the stress of moving – and the shock of hidden fees.  

Beware of hidden costs in removalist quote

Removalist companies that offer cheaper quotes can be less transparent with their fees and charges. Hidden costs could include things like long carry charges, where you’re charged because the truck was a fair distance from the property and the removalist had to make a number of trips. It might also include a hidden charge for disconnecting and reconnecting washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances. 

Don’t get stuck paying more than you bargained for! Read the fine print and be clear about exactly what you’re paying for.

Final tips for a smooth moving experience

An accurate packers and movers quote makes it easier to plan and budget your move – so make sure you provide accurate info to the removalist preparing your quote. Moving is stressful, but choosing the right removalist is the key to reducing those moving woes!    

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