Expert Tips for Storing Winter Clothing and Accessories

Where do you keep your winter stuff when you don’t need it?

From winter woollies to ski gear, your seasonal items can take up a lot of space. Winter storage is a great way to free up storage space in your home and keep your winter gear in good condition until you need it again.

If you’re thinking about storing winter clothes and accessories, the right preparation can ensure your items are ready to go when the cold weather comes back around.

Tips for Storing Winter Clothing

Your favourite winter knits, coats, and boots can be bulky and hog a lot of wardrobe space. Storing winter clothing during the warmer months keeps your closet tidy and organised, and allows you to easily find your favourite summer pieces.

Get your clothes ready for winter storage with these tips.

Clean Before Storage

The first step to safely storing winter clothing is to ensure each item is thoroughly cleaned. Always check the label to determine the best way to wash your clothes, as some materials such as wool may require handwashing or dry-cleaning.

Fold, Don’t Hang

Hanging winter woollies on coat hangers can cause stretching, thinning, and even tearing. Instead, fold your items to protect the material and keep them in their original shape.

Avoid Plastic

Storing winter clothing in plastic containers can pose the risk of mold and mildew. Acid-free boxes are a safer way to store fabric and textiles.

Tips for Snowboard and Ski Storage

Winter storage makes a great temporary home for your ski gear when the snow has melted. Storing your snowboard and skis improperly can cause serious damage, so consider these tips to keep them safe.

Sand and Sharpen

Clean up any rust or damage and ensure a smooth finish by sanding and sharpening the edges of your board and skis. This also prepares them for waxing.

Wax Them Up

A thick coat of wax will help protect your board from drying out while in storage.

Keep Them Together and Upright

Carefully strap your skis together, and always store skis and snowboards standing upright to help keep their shape.

Avoid Humidity

Humidity can lead to rust, which is bad news for your ski gear. You can keep your skis and board dry and rust-free by storing them in a proper storage facility.

4 Reasons to Use Our Winter Storage Units

1. Declutters Your Home

Why limit your storage space or floorspace at home with items you only use a few months of the year? A winter storage unit makes the perfect home for your winter clothes, ski equipment, and heating appliances until you need them again.

2. Keeps Your items Safe and Secure

Our storage facilities are safe and secure, monitored 24/7. We restrict access to our storage units, limiting entry to staff and administration only. Regular pest-control treatments are also conducted to keep your stuff safe from unwelcome guests.

3. You can Store for as Long as You Need

We provide short and long-term storage options, so whether you need a unit all year round or just for the winter months, we can arrange something that suits your needs.

Storage Facilities at All Purpose Removals

To learn more about our winter storage units in Brisbane and right around Queensland, get in touch with our friendly team today.