Things You Can Do To Prevent Furniture Dents and Scratches When Moving

Torn Sofa Upholstery
Torn Sofa Upholstery

Whilst moving furniture is stressful at the best of times, there is nothing more rewarding than arriving at your new home, setting up your furniture and arranging décor to suit an exciting new space. But what happens if your prized antique table has scratches, or your double door French fridge has arrived with a dent? 

Accidents can and do unfortunately happen. However, there are plenty of ways that you and your furniture removalist can prevent damage from occurring.

Why does furniture get dents, scratches, and damages when moving?

Furniture moving is an art, especially when dealing with heavy items. There are certainly plenty of ways you can transport smaller boxes, house plants and even clothes from one place to another using your car or trailer. However, it pays to utilise the expertise of a furniture removalist where possible. Equipped with blankets, a furniture moving dolly, foam padding and the knowledge and expertise, they will help protect your items and do all the heavy lifting.

What are the costs of having furniture dents, scratches, and damage?

Loss of or damage to goods can be avoided and whilst it may not be of significant impact to you, repairs can cost a lot of money. It is worthwhile asking your removalist about their insurance in the event an item arrives in a different condition to when it was packed on the truck.  

How can you prevent furniture dents, scratches, and damage when moving?

When hiring the services of a furniture removalist, make sure you give them a good run down of the items you have to move. If you are opting to pack up everything in your home on your own, grouping items can be very helpful. Fragile glasses, prints, books, clothing, toys. This empowers the removalists with insight into what is inside boxes, helping them to better pack their truck. Even if you are moving a single item of furniture, there are many ways you can prevent furniture dents and damage.  

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Whether you opt to move home with the help of friends and family, or choose to hire the services of a reliable and respected furniture removalist, consider our seven tips to prevent scratches and dents when moving.

Use furniture pads, gliders, and tie-down ropes 

Even the heaviest of furniture items will need to be tied down well. And don’t forget furniture pads on legs of your tables and couch to avoid scratches on the floor. 

Wrap furniture in moving blankets 

No matter how old your items are, moving blankets supplied by the removalist team should be used to protect your pieces. If you are unsure, seek the help of a furniture removalist team who can pack your items for you.

Label fragile and luxury furniture pieces 

When packing items yourself, it is imperative that you use quality, sturdy boxes, plenty of bubble wrap and any old towels and sheets to help protect glassware and other fragile items. Well labelled boxes with fragile stickers or markings will help the removalist team be extra cautious. Ask your local furniture removalist in Brisbane for packing materials if you are having trouble sourcing them.

Use loading and unloading trolleys and ramps 

If you are moving yourself, try to secure a rental truck with a liftgate. It will save you a lot of time. Having access to any trolley or ramp is also going to help the process significantly. You’d be surprised how awkward some items will be to manoeuvre. 

Avoid moving heavy furniture all by yourself 

It goes without saying that another pair of hands will always help. Call upon a friend or family member to ensure you aren’t moving all the heavy furniture alone. Not only could you drop and damage your items, you risk hurting your back or worse!

Secure insurance during the move 

Check out the insurance offered by a rental truck or furniture removalist. And if you do notice issues when items are unloaded, make sure they are pointed out immediately.

Hire an expert furniture removalist 

Why not just book a move with a professional furniture removalist team. There are so many things to consider on moving day, alleviating one of them will take a weight off your shoulders. They know how to arrange your furniture and boxes, how to effectively load a truck, and they have the equipment and know-how to get the job done for you.

There are many ways to safeguard your items when moving furniture in Brisbane. Plan ahead, prepare and wrap your furniture and fragile items with care and you’ll go a long way to avoiding dents and scratches to your home, balustrades, walls, floors and prized possessions.